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6.   What colors do I have to choose from?

         We make the colors ourselves.  That means you can have any color or color scheme you want. 


7.    Is your work guaranteed?

        We guarantee our work for 2 years unless you do something insane to ruin it.


8.   What areas do you service?

         We work throughout Southern California.  We accept projects outside Southern California on a case by case


9.    What if my concrete is old and has a lot of cracks?  Should I remove it and
        repour new concrete first?

         Heck no!  We tell clients all the time, if you have old concrete let us fix it.  Do not rip it out and re-pour new          concrete!  That is soooo expensive, and in reality, you will get cracks again.  We grind and patch old          
         concrete.  We also incorporate cracks into our designs.


10.  If I just had new concrete poured, how long do I have to wait until you can work
        on it?

         5 days.   


11.  What problems will I have down the line?

        If your sprinklers overspray or you place pots on your stained concrete, a white residue from the calcium in           the water will form on your stained concrete.  This will happen with all stained concrete, no matter which      
        company you use.  You can avoid this by placing pots on stands and not directly on the concrete.  Also,
        make sure your sprinklers are watering your plants, and not your concrete.     


12. Will your sealer make my pool deck slippery?

        No.  In order to make our projects as safe as possible, we add a gripper into the sealer which makes the
        surface non-slip.