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1.  Is this an overlay?

No, but we can do overlays inside houses, restaurants, and other commercial buildings if you need one.  In regards to outdoors, overlays are not very durable.  An overlay is a concrete coating that is put on top of existing concrete.  Whenever you put concrete on top of outdoor concrete, the top surface will come off.  Over the last decade, we have had so many clients unsatisfied with the overlay they had done.  Their overlay quickly chipped off, and their concrete was left looking patchy and older than it actually was.  We can fix overlays by grinding them off and applying our product and process.


2.  Is this acid stain?

No, acid stain is an outdated staining method from the 1970s.  The prep and staining materials used in acid staining cannot compare to our process or materials.  We don’t use cheap materials or cut corners (which is usually associated with acid staining).  Plus, acid stains provide very limited color choices, and within time, will turn pink and/or orange. 


3.  What kind of stain product do you use?

Our stain consists of a proprietary 5 ingredient blend.  Most other companies use a 2 part stain that can be purchase at any big box hardware store.  Not us.  Our stain has been in development for almost 2 decades, and it gives us a competitive edge over other staining companies.


4.  Is it durable?

Yes, very durable.  We do a ton of driveways.  We also do parking lots because our results are so durable.


5.  How long does it last?

We work with you to create a design you love, and then, we cut your selected design into the concrete.  That way, your pattern is permanent.  The stain is also permanent unless you strip it.  Only the sealer wears within time.  Realistically, projects should be resealed every 3-4 years depending on traffic.  Then again, we’ve gone back to projects that haven’t been touched in 5 or 8 years, and they look top notch.  The great thing is when your project needs to be resealed, we can come back and in half a day retouch the stain if ever needed, and reapply the sealer.  We only charge a nominal fee for retouching and resealing and then your project will look brand new.  Clients LOVE that.  They love the fact that we can make the work we did 10 years ago look like they just got it done yesterday quickly and inexpensively.