(951) 314-2580

13. How can I get an estimate?

By phone and in person.  If you take a picture of the area you want done and text it to us at (951) 314-2580, we can provide you an estimate.  It’s always helpful if you are able to provide the square footage.  We can also come out and give you a free estimate.


14. How long will the project take from start to finish?

It depends on your square footage and our schedule. 


15. What do I get from Love the Concrete v. other staining companies?

We don’t come just to stain your concrete.  We give you a customize design personalized towards your preferences, color scheme, and surrounding area.  Each of our projects are different.  No two jobs are the same.  We make your project look like it was a part of some upgraded design plan that your house/building was always meant to have, and not just some concrete you stained later when you got around to it.  Some staining companies just go to a big box retailer, buy stain, and come spray it on your concrete.  Truthfully speaking, you can do that yourself.  But what we provide is art.  Totally custom, durable, and transforming art.


16. How do you price jobs? 

Price is based on square feet of concrete and design. 


17. Are your prices negotiable?

Generally speaking, no.  It is true that we may be able to give a slight discount if you have a lot of square footage that needs to be done.  But honestly, we know for the quality of work we do, our prices cannot be beat.  Our prices have been the same over the past 10 years.  We keep our overhead very low to make sure we can be competitive on pricing.  For the amount of work we do on each project, our prices are more than fair – actually, we believe they are quite a deal